No need to register .NET Reflector 6.8 any more

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we’ve removed the registration process from .NET Reflector 6.8, the last free and non-expiring version of .NET Reflector 6, which is available to all existing .NET Reflector users. We did this primarily because over the past few weeks our most common support requests have been from people struggling to register .NET Reflector 6.8 from behind a proxy server, and this seemed like the easiest and most sensible way to fix the problem.

This has now been released as .NET Reflector 6.8.2, which also includes a back-ported fix for the bug where Silverlight assemblies were “invisible” when running Reflector as a 64-bit process on a 64-bit OS.

For instructions on how to get .NET Reflector 6.8.2 please see, and if you want the background on why we reversed part of our decision, and decided to keep .NET Reflector 6 free, please see

3 thoughts on “No need to register .NET Reflector 6.8 any more

  1. Bart

    Hi Muhamed,

    There is no direct download, however you can just use Reflector’s update mechanism from any version between 4.0 and 6.7. There are more details here:

    If you have 6.6 and it asks you if you want to download a free trial of v7 (paid for), just click Yes and it will actually download 6.8.2, NOT 7. The message is incorrect, for which I apologise. Once you have 6.8.2 it will be yours free forever – no expiry – and, as I say, there’s no longer any need to register.




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