You want speed? We got speed.

OK, so after the rather miserable conclusion to my last blog post on the topic I’m pleased to say that we finally got to the bottom of the start-up performance problems. Annoyingly it largely had naff all to do with the start-up code itself, but hey, that’s all nicely optimised now so, apart from a bit of WPF overhead that we just can’t shift, it’s all good.

No, what it turned out to be was an errant protection setting on the assembly that was causing hundreds and thousands of strong name signature verifications. A single verification is fast, but thousands… well, that’s noticeable on even the most capable of desktop machines. Anyway, we turned the setting off, which instantly fixed the problem – I gently cursed the injustice of the world, and we put out a new fixed build, which has now been out for some while. I’m slightly paranoid so wanted to wait a bit and see if everything really was working properly before crowing about it on here.

Anyway, if you need the fix, you can get it as ever in the latest early access build from the bottom of our homepage at

We’ll put this out as part of the 7.2 final release hopefully next week, although it may slip into the following week.

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