.NET Reflector 7.4 Early Access Build 2: Silverlight XAP Support, and (Finally) a Fix For Those Pesky Visual Studio Add-in Install Woes

In a balmy August day spent chugging through email, and writing up calls whilst listening to some fine slinky Roy Ayers choons – and with most of the team now back in the office again, apart from Greg who decided to go surfing because there was a serious danger we might otherwise get something done – we’ve managed to pull ourselves together and put out another 7.4 early access build ( which you can get from the usual place at the bottom of the www.reflector.net homepage.

There are a couple of headlines here.

The first is a fix for this fairly long running and troublesome problem with Reflector failing to detect Visual Studio correctly: http://forums.reflector.net/questions/147/integration-options-does-not-see-visual-studio. This should now work fine, so if you were struggling with manual registry hacks to get Reflector to see your Visual Studio install, struggle no more.

The second is that it’s now possible to open XAP files in the Reflector treeview and explore them, and the assemblies they contain, just like a normal .NET assembly. Here’s a screenshot showing me browsing through one of the sample assemblies from www.silverlight.net, and having a nosey at AppManifest.xaml:


We’ve also improve resource resolution in the BAML decompilation, which provides a better solution to this problem: http://forums.reflector.net/questions/1135/baml-decompilation-error.

One other noteworthy issue we fixed was a problem where, after activating 7.4, your only option was to hit the Exit button in the activation dialog, then restart Reflector to continue using the activated version, which was certainly an odd quirk, and a result of the major licensing upgrade work we did behind the scenes to fix the other activation problems people were having.

I also had a quick look in JIRA to see what else we’d fixed since 7.3 and found about 20 other exceptions that had come in via SmartAssembly error reporting which shouldn’t cause any trouble for anyone any more. They all have fairly obscure titles, such as {SA} IndexOutOfRangeException @ Translator/InstructionTable.BlastDeadInstructions(…), so the short version is that you should again find this version of Reflector to be more stable in general than previous releases.

Once again, you can get the latest early access build from the bottom of the homepage at www.reflector.net. We’d love to know what you think of it, or if you run into any problems, so please post any feedback at http://forums.reflector.net/ using the #eap and #7.4 tags.

That’s all for now!

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