Wanted: User Experience Specialist (We’re Hiring)

The .NET Reflector team is growing! Over the next few months Nigel will be doing some work on the bits of our most-beloved .NET decompiler that our users are likely to see but, if he’s honest, he’s still a code-monkey at heart. More to the point, although there are plenty of excellent UX people in Red Gate, they’re already working on other projects, and we need more than a few borrowed hours.

What we need is someone to join the .NET Reflector team full time who can help us make the user experience dreamlike and seamless. Seamless, I say! What we’ve got here is a very technical tool solving a deeply technical problem for an incredibly technical (not to mention huge) audience of users, and we need to make that process as painless and intuitive as possible. Heck, we’ve already brought the awesome power of .NET decompilation right into Visual Studio, and we know that VS is developers’ home away from home, so we want to make sure we’re neat and tidy guests in their IDE.

If you’ve ever worked in UX in other software companies, then you may find us a refreshing change. We’re a tight-knit team committed to just one tool, so you’ll be immersed in our world. Our developers and testers will listen to your input (they’ve promised), because:

  1. we think you’re a wonderful human being;
  2. we all want to raise the UX to a whole new level of simplicity (as we continue to add new features) and clarity (because we guarantee that there are features already in the tool that only 5 of you know about).

Red Gate’s users love the “Ingeniously Simple” UX we bring to all of our tools, and it’s high time .NET Reflector got the same treatment. So, if:

  • You have a deep-seated passion to create great user experiences.
  • You have a constant feeling that it’s always too complicated and that there’s definitely a simpler way.
  • You eagerly await results from user testing and you’re not afraid to admit that you got it wrong.
  • You love getting stuck into difficult technical problems and crafting elegant, simple solutions.
  • You’re best friends with a sharpie, a sketch pad and you’ve once been accused of having an unhealthy obsession with post-it notes.

… then we’d really like to hear from you.

p.s. If you’re not this person, but you know someone who might be, then we’d love to hear from them, too.

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2 thoughts on “Wanted: User Experience Specialist (We’re Hiring)

  1. Abdul Rashid

    Dear Sir,
    I have used reflector and found it very useful tool. It has been designed very well. But what I am looking at is finding or search option. An easy to use advance search option.

    Best Regards

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Abdul,

      there is already search functionality in .NET reflector (press F3), but we are looking at improving it. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see?



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