.NET Reflector 7.4 Early Access Build 5: Some extra support for Windows 8

We’ve just released a new EAP, Reflector, which you can get from the usual place at the bottom of the www.reflector.net homepage.

This release contains some improvements to the decompilation; in particular we now recognise the code pattern that is generated for events in C# 4.  There are also several fixes to problems in the Reflector Gui, and fixes for a number of reports that were submitted to us using the SmartAssembly bug reporting mechanism. This error reporting is quite important to us as we get stacktraces containing enough detail about the local variables to diagnose many problems.

Bart, from the Reflector team, was lucky enough to actually go to the //build/ conference. The rest of the team remained here in Cambridge, and like lots of developers out there, I couldn’t wait to try out the developer preview of Windows 8. Windows 8 uses CLR style metadata to describe the interface to the unmanaged Windows 8 runtime so we also fixed a bug in Reflector which allows it to display the contents of the .winmd files that are generated for this purpose. Some of the contents make interesting reading. The new application format, .appx, is now also supported by this EAP.

We’d love to know what you think of it, or if you run into any problems, so please post any feedback at http://forums.reflector.net/ using the #eap and #7.4 tags.

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