Bug-Fixes, Baby, Build: .NET Reflector 7.4 is Live

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If you recall, we released V7.3 a few months ahead of schedule. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve maintained the momentum, and we’re proud to announce that V7.4 of .NET Reflector is now live. If you’ve been plugged into our EAP channel, you’ll already be familiar with many of the improvements we’ve been working on (just see the links above for a taste).

This release marks the closing of a chapter. The end of an era. The full stop on an overly-conjoined sentence. It was also a fairly drawn-out afternoon anxiously watching our builds…

Build watching

Up till now, the team have been totally focused on improving how things run under the hood. We’ve been focused on stability, efficiency, and steady improvements to decompilation. That and the occasional little gem, like support for Silverlight and Windows 8 decompilation. This release is in the same vein:

  • Improve translation of hitherto less common decompilation cases (e.g. Lambda expressions).
  • Improved handling of exceptions.
  • Better handling of decompilation cases involving obfuscation.
  • A sprinkling of UX improvements that you won’t overtly notice, but which will make life more pain-free.

Nothing especially exciting there, but what’s most excellent about this release is the milestone it represents. While we’ve been tuning the engine, we’ve also been doing some gazing into crystal balls, inspecting of tea leaves and staring into the middle distance (Market research, feedback soliciting and usability testing) to make sure we have a clear roadmap for the long-term future of the tool. So this release also marks the start of a new phase in the development of .NET Reflector, and you’ve got some really neat things to look forward to. This is going to be the exciting stuff. Of course, we’ll still be doing all the usual maintenance and tuning work in the background, so decompilation will stay up-to-date, and the core of the tool will just keep getting better.

It kills me, but I can’t say much more right now except that, for starters, we’re going to be aiming for regular fortnightly EAP releases (although we’ll be starting with a three-week sprint). Our first new sprint starts tomorrow, so keep an eye on the site and, in three weeks’ time, pick up the first in a new breed of freshly-minted EAPs.

We’re also happy to announce that, starting today, the trial-period of .NET Reflector download has doubled. If you want to try out the fully-featured VSPro version of the tool to see if it’s right for you, there’s never been a better time. Take it for a nice long spin and really put it to work (download starts immediately, btw).

Some of you will be wondering why this blog posts mentions a baby.Well, there’s one more thing we’re very happy to announce… Nigel just became a dad. Again. He’s been at home since his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy (hence why this afternoon’s builds were a bit more frenetic than usual!), but he’ll be back in action tomorrow for our sprint planning session!

So, in summary

Update to the latest version (it’s more stable, more efficient, and more effective), and keep an eye on the blog and the EAP channel for some fresh features and great announcements.

And now, because Nigel decided to bring his son into the office and be a proud dad, here a picture of a cute baby…

The baby is the small person, bottom left - not the big person in yellow. His wife (on the right) is not so sure.

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2 thoughts on “Bug-Fixes, Baby, Build: .NET Reflector 7.4 is Live

  1. Richard

    The toolbar and other common controls seem to have reverted to the “classic” theme. Was this deliberate, or did someone forget a call to EnableVisualStyles?

  2. Chris Post author

    Hi Richard, this was a bug that actually crept into an EAP – one of the add-in authors let us know a little while back, and we’ve now fixed the problem. We’re aiming to do a quick release on Monday (tests willing) which will fix this.

    Thanks for letting us know – appreciate the feedback!


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