Freshly baked: .NET Reflector v7.5 EAP Build 2

In our previous sprint, we brought the Reflector Object Browser (ROB) into Visual Studio. Yesterday we shipped the 2nd Early Access build of .NET Reflector v7.5, and the ROB now has some bite to go with its bark!

I’ll keep this brief, because there are only really a handful of points which are interesting, and we’d love to get some feedback on the latest work. The main thing is that the VS addin now tracks the loaded project(s) references, and shows them in the ROB. Adding a reference (see below) adds that assembly to the ROB.

Adding a reference in Visual Studio

(Click for an enlarged view)


You can also now expand that assembly in the ROB, and click on any member to get that type decompiled and shown in a visual studio editor window (see below).

Decompiling from within the Reflector Object Browser

(click for an enlarged view)

So, we’ve now brought Reflector’s decompilation functionality right inside Visual Studio and to make it really easy to navigate within decompiled code, we’ve added a “Go to definition” context menu item so you can jump around type-by-type.

A Caveat

At the moment, the “Go to Definition” can occasionally be a little slower than we’d like. This seems to depend on the size of the target class, and we’re working on getting to the bottom of it. So, if you use GoToDef and there’s no visible feedback, please just wait a moment. Same thing is true when you double click certain methods in the ROB, however we are caching everything so speed is drastically improved second time round.


Of course, the whole point of an EAP is that we want your feedback! Comments and suggestions for the new build are welcome over in our EAP forum. Issues with the build are fair game, and we’d really like to know what you think about:

  • The Reflector Object Browser in general
  • “Go To Definition” navigation
  • The ability to track loaded project(s) references in the ROB.
  • Decompilation directly from the ROB.

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