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Just before Christmas, I had an opportunity to talk to the inestimable Peli de Halleux, Microsoft researcher &, with support from Lutz, a prolific author of .NET Reflector addins. If you’ve not had the opportunity to read his blog, you should – he doesn’t post often, but when he does, it’s worth a look.

I’m very pleased to announce that many of Peli’s classic add-ins are now available from our .NET Reflector add-in showcase in one handy, productivity bundle.
Peli's Classic Bundle

Unfortunately for all of us, Peli’s talents are now in intense demand, and so he hasn’t been able to enhance his add-ins, or create any more, for quite some time.

On the upside, he’s happy for us to wrap his most popular (and up-to-date) tools into one convenient bundle, which you can download and use to make .NET Reflector even more indispensable. In no particular order, the available addins are:

  • CodeMetrics
    Analyzes and computes several code quality metrics on your assemblies, such as cyclomaatic complexity and number of local variables in a method (to name just two). If you find this useful, then you might also like NDepend.
  • Review
    A lightweight code annotation addin.
  • Graph
    Shows assembly dependency graphs. If you like this, then you should definitely check out Denis Markelov’s Assembly Visualizer addin, and maybe even Refractor.
  • ComLoader
    Allows the importing of COM/OLE type libraries using .NET Reflector’s file menu. You may prefer to do this via the command-line, but at least now you have options.

These addins will make the standalone component of .NET Reflector an even more powerful code review tool, so download the whole set (it’s completely free for all versions of Reflector), and give them a try.

There is additional documentation available as part of the bundle, and although we’ve tested these addins in versions 6 & 7 of Reflector, please bear in mind that they are provided as-is. If you have any questions, join us on the forums & we’ll see what we can do!

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