The WinRT API is all in the Metadata

I’m as excited as you by the Windows 8 beta which is being released today. I think it is exciting that the whole API surface of the new WinRT platform is exposed via .NET metadata in the form of .winmd files. We fixed up Reflector some time ago to handle these files, so you can load them individually into Reflector. Yesterday I added the code to to automatically detect the winmd directory (or at least where it was in the //Build preview) and load the set of contained winmd files into the assembly list. So, if you start with an empty assembly list, when you select it you are offered the choice to populate it with all of the winmd files on the machine.

Populate your assembly list with all of the winmd files on the machine.

Choosing the WinRT files, the assembly list is populated with the complete set of winmd files, so that you can search and analyse them.

Search and Analyse WinRT files

I’m looking forward to use Reflector to explore today’s release code to see what has changed.

2 thoughts on “The WinRT API is all in the Metadata

    1. Clive Post author

      The metadata only contains the interface details and not the actual implementation, so you can get a feel for the shape of the interface but not actually see how it works.


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