Hello SharePoint

In the past we’ve been mentioned quite a bit in conjunction with SharePoint. There are plenty of blog posts out there about using Reflector to get your head around it, and a lot of you have told us about your SharePoint experiences, but we haven’t really done any dedicated development around it.

We’ve added some SharePoint content to the main .NET Reflector site, which hopefully you’ll fine useful:

Simplifying SharePoint development

We also thought we’d try to do something in the tool itself, to help those of you who have this particular challenge in your lives.

We’re starting out just by trying to target those assemblies which may be common to most SharePoint implementations, and we’re going to try and get this out to you in the next EAP. Please do tell us what we’ve missed, and what else you need.

So now when you’re starting a new assembly list you’ll be able to see a SharePoint option listed alongside the .net framework ones:

Which will pull in a list like this:

At the moment we’re just looking in the “%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions” folders to populate this list, but it would be really helpful to hear if there are any other assemblies which you think would commonly be used.

As ever, get in touch with info@reflector.net or @dotnetreflector if there is something you would desperately love to see included or anything that gives you particular problems with regards to SharePoint.

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