EAP 7.6 build 7

This EAP build is about testing our new installer, so you won’t see massive functional difference.
We’ve also added a bit more support for SharePoint assemblies, fixed some bugs, polished up the Async support, and added a welcome screen and splash screen.

The splash screen is part of our work to look into startup time and performance, and we’re hoping to improve that as we work towards a full release. The welcome screen is a bit sparse at the moment. We’re still reviewing the designs. But the aim is to include some getting started information to help users when they’re evaluating Reflector for the first time, and to try and elicit more user feedback.

The installer is the biggest difference in this build. We’ve based it on the standard Red Gate installer, and it’ll let you install install both the standalone Reflector application, and the Visual Studio add-in, or just choose one. We’re hoping this will provide a better experience, and make it easier to manage updates in future.

It’s worth noting that the installer currently does not elevate permissions – so you’re recommended to install to a location where you have the appropriate permissions.

With the final release, we’ll probably continue to provide the traditional .zip file as well as the installer.

As usual, we’d love you to tell us what you think.

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