EAP Build 8 – Installer improvements

We released the latest Early Access release yesterday afternoon, and we’ve made some improvements to the installation process. However, before we jump into the details a recommendation:

Before you install this latest release, please uninstall the previous one (build More on this later.

And now, on with the walkthrough….

.NET Reflector Installer icon

If you’ve downloaded the latest release from www.reflector.net, you’ll notice that the installer now has a UAC shield on it and, when you run it, you may get a UAC prompt as shown below:

Elevated installation

As a result of feedback from our EAP users (Thanks guys!), we’ve chosen to attempt to elevate by default. Some of you pointed out that our previous install path was a little odd, and that most people would probably like to install into program files. We’ve now done that:

.NET Reflector installer

As mentioned previously, we’ll probably continue to provide the traditional .zip file as well as the installer for those who want it.

However, there is a known issue with this EAP release: If you install it without first uninstalling the previous release, you’ll end up with two versions of the extension installed into visual studio. If this happens, you’ll have to uninstall both the old EAP release and the new one and start over.

Of course, we’re also still working on making sure we emit decent code for the new .net 4.5 release candidate, but if you notice anything wrong or have any comments, please let us know! We’re getting pretty close to the end of 7.6, so check out the latest release and let us know what you think.

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