The new Reflector 7.6.1 release

Reflector 7.6.1 comes just a couple of months after the Reflector 7.6 release. We wanted our release to concur with the Visual Studio 2012 launch to keep to our promise of sim-shipping alongside Visual Studio and to show our continuing support for new technologies from Microsoft.

Our main theme for Reflector 7.6 was to stay current and provide support for all that’s new in the .NET world. Reflector 7.6 is all about being able to view implementations inside the .NET 4.5 assemblies, WinMD files on Windows 8 machines, and being able to run the extension in Visual Studio 2012. You could use the latest version of Reflector to get to grips with the internals of Async implementation and demystify how the await and the async keyword do their magic. You can peek at the content of .winmd files in Windows 8 to expose their APIs and understand the WinRT internals. We’ve also made it relatively simple for anyone trying to understand the SharePoint APIs to pull in a whole set of Sharepoint assemblies all at once.

But .NET Reflector 7.6 hasn’t just all been about support for Async and WinRT winmd files. Thanks to finally having a full-time UX specialist in our team, we’ve been able to do a bunch of stuff to improve our overall user experience. In our attempt to make the entire installation process considerably cleaner, Reflector now has a proper installer. You can also obtain Reflector for Visual Studio via the VS gallery. We’ve made the installer “per-user” again to make the management via Visual Studio much smoother.

The Visual Studio 2012 launch has people buzzing over the new theming styles. As a Microsoft sim-ship partner, keeping a close eye on all the changes which came with the beta, RC, and the RTM releases have been a priority for us. We’ve introduced changes in our own extension to bring the new monochrome style on-board. We’ve continuously re-plumbed the Reflector UI to better support VS2012 theming and you can see more of it in our 7.6.1 release.

If you have already downloaded Reflector 7.6, this new update should give you a more stable experience inside Visual Studio 2012. We’ve also carried out some cleanup tasks on the desktop version of Reflector to remove some of the less used languages from the default decompilation options.

There is still a tremendous amount of development work on Reflector in the pipeline, more of which you’ll see in our upcoming versions. We plan to do an EAP of what we’re building next very soon. Like always, we’re always looking for feedback from all our users to help us take Reflector to the next level.

(You can also get the latest version of Reflector inside the .NET Bundle with the new ANTS Performance Profiler 7.4 release here.)