New release – version 7.7

Yesterday afternoon, we shipped version 7.7 of .NET Reflector. That means we’re almost done with version 7, and ready to wrap up and move on to V8. We started working on version 7 way back in December 2010, and we’ve come a long way since then.

The product has changed quite a bit since then. Highlights include:

  • Integrating power commands
  • Adding an installer
  • Adding .NET 4.5 and C#5 support
  • Adding Visual Studio 2012 Support
  • Adding a new ‘Reflector Object Browser’ inside of Visual Studio (ROB) which allows you to decompile by type.
  • Hooking decompilation by type into go to definition (F12)
  • Making it so you can also generate PDBs from the Reflector Object Browser
  • Making it possible to generate a PDB by setting a break point in decompiled code.
  • Adding BAML to XAML decompilation in the core product
  • Doing a whole bunch of decompilation improvements when dealing with lambda expressions, LINQ queries and iterator blocks
  • Doing several hundred bug fixes
  • Making it possible to see decompiled code in tabs

If you’re interested in the details, a full change log can be seen here

And it’s not just the product that has changed but the people too. Bart has since moved on to other projects, Nigel has come and gone, Ruchika, Roger and Ryan have all joined us to help us build a better product, bringing expertise that we otherwise lacked.

So what’s coming next? Not to give too much away but we’re looking at some exciting changes which will really improve the way Reflector is used to look at code which hopefully will help you understand 3rd party libraries in a more efficient way.

Thank you all for the support you’ve given us so far, it really means a lot to us. If you want to get in touch drop us a line either on the forums or by emailing

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