The second beta release for Reflector 8

Download the latest beta release

Version 7.7 of .NET Reflector was released only a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been working on many changes. The most prominent of these was integrating the power commands into the tool (you can find details of the earlier release here). We’ve since been working on the next version of Reflector, version 8. The goals here are making it easier and faster for people to find bugs and understand third-party code by improving the static code analysis inside the desktop version of the tool and improving the route into debugging. The current beta is a step forward towards achieving this goal for Reflector 8.0.

One of the most significant improvements we’ve made to Reflector is attaching a search filter to the assembly browser. You can now dynamically search for any implementation within the list of assemblies loaded in the assembly tree view.

Initially the search fetches only the top 200 results of the query; however, you can choose to display all the search results. Since the last beta was released, we’ve improved the performance of the search filter by distributing the workload on several background threads. The feature should also work with the flattened view of the assemblies in the assembly browser. The current beta also lets you use the search filter in the .NET Reflector extension available for Visual Studio.

There is still a lot of refinement to be done in the search filter and we plan to run a few user sessions on the feature to enable us to make the search filter as effective as possible.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs reported in the forums (issue1 and issue2). The ‘F12 Go To Definition’ toggle button in Visual Studio should now be available for both the VS and the VSPro version. We’ve also fixed the bug around incorrect usage of environment variables to detect the framework locations.

Being a beta build, the current search functionality might be a bit unstable for certain searches. If you do note any problems with the current implementation, or have suggestions to help us improve the current search functionality, please get back to us and we’ll take those suggestions for our future implementations.

Download the latest beta release

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