Version 7.7 – tidying up

.Net Reflector 7.7 is going to have a fairly quick turn around and a short beta period, as we’re looking to release later on this month. We’ve mostly been fixing bugs and tidying things up but there are probably a couple of things of note that are worth mentioning.

If you want to try out 7.7 now, it’s available as the latest EAP build

We’ve made it possible for you to turn off and on the F12 behaviour. Previously you had to disable the Visual Studio Extension entirely which involved a restart of Visual Studio. Now you can just check or uncheck the menu item. Oh and we stuck some newer icons in as well:

Reflector Visual Studio extension - disable Go To Definition

In the desktop tool, we’ve worked on a few of the powercommands we integrated back in January 2011. We turned on and improved some of the more useful ones and removed some of the ones that were more broken. There will be a more detailed blog post about the specifics of this later. We’ve also moved the context menu around and added a few icons here and there, you can see a preview of this below:

Feedback is always welcome, you can either write on the forums or email

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