An update to the Obfuscation Checker

A couple of days ago, David pushed out an update to the .NET Obfuscation checker.

It’s a fairly small update – he’s bumped the version of Reflector it uses so it’s now completely up to date, fixed a crash on startup that some people had seen, and made a few other small tweaks and bug fixes.

If you’d missed it, the Obfuscation Checker is a simple free tool that uses Reflector to scan through a directory and check the contents for obfuscation, strong naming, signing, and so on.

The idea is that it should make the release process a little easier if you need to obfuscate and protect your IP, so hopefully people will find it useful. And of course, we’re happy to hear any feedback.

You can download it from the Red Gate labs site

One thought on “An update to the Obfuscation Checker

  1. David Stiff


    the .NET Obfuscation Checker tool is what I have been looking for. Unfortunately it reports some files as NOT obfuscated when they are.

    Is it possible to find out why it thinks the DLL is not obfuscated?



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