.NET Reflector 8.1 release

At the end of last week we released version 8.1 of .NET Reflector.

Sadly, this doesn’t include Clive’s new code analysis prototypes, but it does have a couple of bug fixes that we hope will help people out.

Version 8.1 addresses the issue some users had reported around Visual Studio crashes, so if you’ve had any problems with reflector and VS stability, you should upgrade right away. This release also corrects a small but irritating licensing bug that left inconsistent (and confusing) version numbers displayed when you activated your Reflector license.

You can download version 8.1 via check for updates in-product, or from the website here

2 thoughts on “.NET Reflector 8.1 release

  1. Richard

    … the issue some suers had reported …

    That’s a bit harsh – suing you because of a bug! :o)
    (Hint: Did you mean “users”?)


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