Reflector 8.3 released

In Reflector 8.2, we introduced support for Visual Studio 2013, .NET 4.5.1, and some new code exploration features in the desktop tool. For version 8.3, we decided to address a long-standing feature request: putting the Analyzer into the Visual Studio add-in:


In desktop version of Reflector, the Analyzer is a useful way of understanding how decompiled code fits together. You can browse through dependencies, seeing what’s referencing what and where things are used.

It didn’t make the cut for the early versions of the Visual Studio add-in, and a lot of people have asked for it, so it seemed like time it was included. Hopefully, having an analysis view in the IDE will reduce the need to switch contexts and drop back to the desktop tool when you’re trying to understand 3rd party code.

Analyzer-vs-expandedWe’ve also included a fix to an annoying little bug where you could sometimes see decompilation to the wrong bitness, an issue with P/Invoked dlls incorrectly showing Go To Member, and some general hygiene and maintenance.

You can get the latest version through Check for Updates (on the Help menu), here on the website, or through the Visual Studio Gallery.

It’s a minor version release, so as usual it’s a free upgrade if you’ve got a v7 or v8 license.

Issues with 8.3

We encountered some issues with the original 8.3 release. These have since been addressed in the 8.3.3 update.

9 thoughts on “Reflector 8.3 released

    1. RogerHart Post author

      Hi Richard

      It looks like we left check for updates in test mode. That’s a bit of a fail, so thanks for pointing it out.

      It should be fixed now and working.

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  2. Kurt Pruenner

    Every time I start up VS 2012 the Analyzer steals focus and pops into the foreground, just like the Object Browser did when it was introduced. Thankfully that got fixed, so I hope you’ll fix it for the Analyzer too – I don’t want it in my face all the time, just when I need it.

    Oh, and you seem to be missing a menu option to show the Analyzer once you close it…

    1. Dom Smith

      Hi Kurt and Cremor,

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is a bug. There’s a bit of other work the developers need to complete first, but once the team is available we’ll be getting on with fixing this. Hopefully we’ll have it patched soon.

      Dom (Project Manager)

      1. Dennis

        But WHY THE HELL you are releasing a product that is not ready for the production?? Why not just call it Beta or so?? You even managed to break the only really helpful feature, making debugging in VS 2012 nearly impossible (extremely slow and unstable) even with no decompiled assemblies at all:

        I’m just frustrated with the latest release and generally with the release tendency of the past year. I wonder is that hard to find a good tester(s)? Or maybe a release manager? Especially given the product price.
        I definitely won’t buy a new license if this tendency remains.

  3. Jason

    Since installing version of the Visual Studio 2012 extension, debugging is very slow and often doesn’t work at all. F10 (step over) is the most noticeable problem, selecting menu items (as if I had pressed ALT) instead of stepping over. Disabling the extension allows debugging to be done successfully again. This happens on all developer machines we have and has been reported by others on the ‘Reviews’ tab of the vs gallery page ( Would be good to have this fixed because it’s a great tool when it ‘s usable.


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