Recent problems with Reflector VSPro

In late December we released .NET Reflector 8.3, adding analysis capabilities to Visual Studio, as well as fixing a number of bugs. Unfortunately there were two separate issues with this release which caused problems for several users, and we’d like to apologize if you were affected.

Firstly, in some scenarios, the new Analyzer Pane in Visual Studio would open itself every time Visual Studio started regardless of whether it had previously been closed, which was obviously a nuisance. That issue was understood and fixed within a few days.

Secondly, for some users the fix to one of the bugs addressed by this release introduced a separate performance problem when debugging in Visual Studio. The cause was more difficult to identify, so it took us longer than we would have liked to get it fixed. We released an updated version ( last week resolving the problem, which you can get from the VS Gallery.

Ultimately these problems stemmed from us not taking enough extra time for testing given the scope of the changes. We’ll be careful not to let that happen again in the future, and will also spend more time expanding tested scenarios before future releases.

We’re really sorry for the problems this update caused for some of you. If you continue to experience any issues after updating, please get in touch.

One thought on “Recent problems with Reflector VSPro

  1. Franco

    I have downloaded the last release When I try to debug in Visual Studio 2013. The addin locks up when trying to regenerate assemblies. Even after 20 minute, I need to kill the Visual Studio Process. It is impossible to debug.


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