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Meet The Team: Rob Clarke

Rob joins us from the deep North (Okay, from Manchester). Never seen without his sweet leather jacket, Rob joined us as a software intern and had a baptism of fire working on the .NET Reflector add-in model. Fortunately for him, there wasn’t any actual fire (not like the last time), but there has been a constant hail of nerf darts which he has weathered with good humour and perseverance.

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Meet the team: Ryan Haney

True to form for the .NET Reflector team, Ryan brings a suite of talents to the table. UX specialist, top-notch facilitator, front-end web designer, triathlete, and gourmand. All essential skills. Ryan takes no prisoners, makes no compromises, and pulls no punches. In another life, we’re pretty sure he was a gritty, hard-boiled, film noir detective. On a sweet bike.

Ryan Haney - UX Specialist

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Meet the team: Clive Tong

Alongside Nigel, Clive Tong is the resident technical mastermind of .NET Reflector – the Go-To Guy, if you will. Widely respected for both his depth and breadth of technical knowledge, (not to mention his patience), Clive is also the only other member of the team (besides Ruchika) to eschew the use of Nerf guns. In our eyes, this basically makes him into some kind of kung-fu monk (a status he actually has some qualifications towards). He also regularly blogs about developments in .NET, technical book reviews, and the latest interesting thing he’s learned.

Clive Tong: Non-Combatant Developer

When it comes to computer science and software development, Clive’s been around the block, and so he’s got a lot of interesting tales to tell.

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Meet the team: Roger Hart

Roger is a hardened veteran from Red Gate’s SQL Tools division, where he championed the cause of clear technical communication and information architecture. He has stared down development teams, and menaced project managers into doing what they know in their hearts to be right for their users. He’s also been tied to his chair using Christmas lights, which he’s not very pleased about…

Rogert Hart - Content Marketing Specialist
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Meet The Team: Nigel Morse

Nigel (seen here cradling “Hannah”, his modified-to-fire-18-darts-per-second Nerf cannon – affectionately known as “The Destroyer”) is a hero: his wife gave birth to his second child just two weeks ago, and he’s already back in the office and chomping at the bit. His is the most ostentatious desk in the team, laden with 3 monitors, the shiniest office chair he lay his avaricious little paws on, and never less than 2 nerf guns. He’s also brought a satisfyingly broad set of skills and experience to the Reflector team, both in terms of development and office warfare.

Nigel Morse, Developer at Large
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Wanted: User Experience Specialist (We’re Hiring)

The .NET Reflector team is growing! Over the next few months Nigel will be doing some work on the bits of our most-beloved .NET decompiler that our users are likely to see but, if he’s honest, he’s still a code-monkey at heart. More to the point, although there are plenty of excellent UX people in Red Gate, they’re already working on other projects, and we need more than a few borrowed hours.

What we need is someone to join the .NET Reflector team full time who can help us make the user experience dreamlike and seamless. Seamless, I say! What we’ve got here is a very technical tool solving a deeply technical problem for an incredibly technical (not to mention huge) audience of users, and we need to make that process as painless and intuitive as possible. Heck, we’ve already brought the awesome power of .NET decompilation right into Visual Studio, and we know that VS is developers’ home away from home, so we want to make sure we’re neat and tidy guests in their IDE.
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