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We’ve just released .NET Reflector 7.1

Version 7 customers can go to Help>Check for Updates or just download the latest version and unzip over the existing installation.

If you are not yet a version 7 customer you can download a new 14 day trial of version 7.1.

What’s new in version 7.1?

• Improved VB support
• Better handling of resource types
• Lots of improvements to C# decompilation

Version 7.1 also adds command line activation and deactivation, as requested by many of our larger customers, and fixes another 105 bugs, including a common issue with breakpoints in .NET Reflector VSPro, and a number of stability problems. Further details about some of the bugs fixed can be found in this earlier post by our tester, Nick Maidment.

If you have any feedback about version 7 or feature requests for the future we would love to hear from you in the new .NET Reflector forum. Please just post feedback, bugs or feature requests as questions for now, and remember to vote for other people’s requests.

We really hope you enjoy the improvements made to version 7.1 as I and the rest of the dev team head straight onto version 7.2… as of… well last week actually!


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We’ve just released the first public EAP of .NET Reflector 7.1

EAP’s have been a part of the Red Gate way for the last couple of years and we plan to continue this practise with .NET Reflector. See below to find out what’s new in V7.1 or download the latest copy here.

We love releasing EAP’s for a number of reasons:

Firstly EAP’s allow us to get early feedback and bug reports on new features and versions. With the inclusion of SmartAssembly error reporting and feature reporting we are also able to make much better decisions about our priorities as me move towards a final release.

The second big reason is the chance for our users to get their hands on new features or bug fixes as early as possible. EAP’s give us the chance to put new features or fixes in the hands of our users faster.

Over the next few months we plan to be release updates to version 7 early and often. These will be spread across multiple EAP’s and minor releases. We really encourage you to get involved and give us your feedback.

So what’s new in 7.1?

7.1 fixes over 90 long term bugs providing:

• Improved VB support
• Better handling of resource types
• Lots of improvements to C# decompilation

7.1 also fixes a common issue with breakpoints in .NET Reflector VSPro.

It would take too long to cover every single bug we’ve looked into but I thought I’d cover a few specifics reported by people via the forums, I’ve included links to these issues below so you can read about them yourselves.

vbnet-byref-arguments-still-incorrectly handled

We are so happy to see the beginnings of a proper Reflector community on our forums where users try to help each other out as well as just using it as a channel to report problems. This is something we hope to encourage and grow in the coming months.

Obviously we’ve not been able to fix everything in 7.1 but we hope you’ll notice some general improvements. Please send us any feedback about the EAP build by posting a question on our forum tagged with #7.1 and #EAP. It would be great to hear from you!


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