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Bug-Fixes, Baby, Build: .NET Reflector 7.4 is Live

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If you recall, we released V7.3 a few months ahead of schedule. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve maintained the momentum, and we’re proud to announce that V7.4 of .NET Reflector is now live. If you’ve been plugged into our EAP channel, you’ll already be familiar with many of the improvements we’ve been working on (just see the links above for a taste).

This release marks the closing of a chapter. The end of an era. The full stop on an overly-conjoined sentence. It was also a fairly drawn-out afternoon anxiously watching our builds…

Build watching

Up till now, the team have been totally focused on improving how things run under the hood. We’ve been focused on stability, efficiency, and steady improvements to decompilation. That and the occasional little gem, like support for Silverlight and Windows 8 decompilation. Continue reading

.NET Reflector 7.4 Early Access Build 2: Silverlight XAP Support, and (Finally) a Fix For Those Pesky Visual Studio Add-in Install Woes

In a balmy August day spent chugging through email, and writing up calls whilst listening to some fine slinky Roy Ayers choons – and with most of the team now back in the office again, apart from Greg who decided to go surfing because there was a serious danger we might otherwise get something done – we’ve managed to pull ourselves together and put out another 7.4 early access build ( which you can get from the usual place at the bottom of the homepage.

There are a couple of headlines here.

Continue reading

.NET Reflector 7.4 Early Access Build 1, Containing Activation Fixes, Now Available For Download

The holiday season may be in full swing, and half the team might be away gallivanting, but I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we now have our first 7.4 early access build available. As ever, you can download it from the bottom of the homepage at

So far we’ve mainly been working on bug-fixes in response to some issues that have come up on the support forum.

The most important piece of work we’ve done, or rather Nigel’s done – although I warn you now, this isn’t in any way exciting or sexy – is to upgrade the licensing code to Red Gate’s latest version. We’d been using a fork of a much older version that we’d modified to cope with the fact that Reflector isn’t installed in the conventional sense, and is often run from a non-administrative account. For reasons I won’t bore you with, bug fixing this codebase was becoming an increasingly troublesome and unrealistic option and, since the new version supported our need to run in a non-admin environment, we decided to upgrade. This caused a few problems, which is why it’s taken slightly longer than I would have liked to get a 7.4 EA build out, but the upgrade should mean that we don’t see any more of the kind of activation problems reported here,, and here, (along with the similar digital signature error some people have seen).

Nigel’s also fixed the error reported with the BAML decompilation here:

I put in a quick fix aimed at dealing with the problem of broken hyperlinks in the source code view: Honestly, I’ve no idea whether it’ll work or not because we’ve never been able to reproduce the problem here, but it’s worth a shot for those of you struggling with it.

I also spent a bit of time fixing a handful of the more common bugs that came in via the SmartAssembly automated error reporting service, notably an exception occurring in the assembly browser treeview.

We do have something much more exciting in the works though: native Silverlight XAP support in the assembly browser treeview. The idea being that you’ll be able to load XAP files directly into the treeview and explore them there, just like you can with assemblies at the moment. Currently you can open XAP files using the Open Zip PowerCommand, however this only lets you load the contained assemblies into the tree and doesn’t allow you to open any of the other files in the XAP. The native support will show you everything the XAP contains directly in the treeview.

That’s it for now. Remember, if you want the latest build, you can download it from the bottom of the homepage.