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.NET Reflector 8.1 release

At the end of last week we released version 8.1 of .NET Reflector.

Sadly, this doesn’t include Clive’s new code analysis prototypes, but it does have a couple of bug fixes that we hope will help people out.

Version 8.1 addresses the issue some users had reported around Visual Studio crashes, so if you’ve had any problems with reflector and VS stability, you should upgrade right away. This release also corrects a small but irritating licensing bug that left inconsistent (and confusing) version numbers displayed when you activated your Reflector license.

You can download version 8.1 via check for updates in-product, or from the website here

Prototyping Desktop Deblector

Anyone remember Deblector? It was an add-in for Reflector 6 which provided debugging support. It became open source in 2007, but ceased development at Reflector 6.5 a few years ago.

In the last few weeks I’ve picked it back up, in order to investigate whether debugging could make it into the next version of Reflector Desktop as a novel feature. This is a request we’ve had a few times over email and in the forums, when users either can’t start up Visual Studio (or prefer not to), but still want to be able to easily pinpoint bugs in their code.

As a working prototype, Deblector was a superb starting point for this investigation.

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